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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What areas do you cover?
    We offer comprehensive services throughout the entire New Jersey area.
  2. What does the price include?
    Our price includes all cleaning materials, the equipment we bring to your home and follow-up services if you are not 100% satisfied with our work.
  3. Can I pay for a 'one-off' clean or do I have to use your services regularly?
    We offer both 'one-off' visits and regular contracts. One of our representatives will be happy to talk with you about your specific requirements and how we can best deal with your needs.
  4. Are you fully bonded and insured?
    Yes we are. We operate with proper protection, in the event of unforeseen emergencies.
  5. How do you guarantee that the staff you send us will be reliable and honest?
    We vet all of our staff throughly, checking their previous work history (e.g. contacting previous employers, checking how stable their employment record has been). We also make sure they have the right to work in the USA and that they do not have a criminal record.
  6. Do you always use eco-friendly products?
    On request, we use environmentally-friendly, non-toxic products, which are both bio-degradable and phosphate-free.
  7. Why it is advisable to use a professional to clean my carpet, rather than do it myself?
    Because we use industrial-strength machinery, and employ a method that sucks out 95% of water from your carpet, you run less risk of damage if you use a professional company, rather than trying to carry out the procedure yourself.
  8. How often should I have my carpet/rug cleaned?
    Between 6-12 months (more often if you smoke or have young children)
  9. What is the best method for cleaning a carpet/rug?
    This varies from one carpet or rug to another but, in general. we prefer using our special deep steam cleaning method. This leaves the least amount of dirt, which reduces the risk of premature wear and the carpet becoming dirty again very quickly.
  10. How long will it take for my carpet to dry?
    This will vary according to different factors but, in general, you should expect to wait between 3- 6 hours before your carpet is fully dry.
  11. Will I have to move the furniture?
    We will move most furniture (although there are certain items we do not move e.g. Grandfather clocks, pool tables, antiques).
  12. Will cleaning my carpet/rug help reduce my allergies?
    Yes, if you have your carpet or rug cleaned professionally, it will help reduce allergies by providing you with a more 'friendly' breathing environment.

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I've heard it's best to put off having your carpet cleaned as long as possible, is this true?

Absolutely not. To the contrary - many of the major carpet mills today recommend professional cleaning at least once per 6-8 months. The buildup of soil in your carpet in combination with foot traffic creates abrasion...
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"Our carpets look genuinely new, and they have that soft feel that it had in the beginning. ..."
Lisa, Fort Lee, Bergen