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There are numerous ways a rug can be damaged – spills, a pet chewing off a corner, 'foot traffic' over a long period of time, or even someone just being a little heavy-handed with the vacuum cleaner. But rug repair is a complicated task and best left in the hands of experienced professionals.

Look no further though – from minor to major jobs, we offer a range of rug repair and restoration treatments including:

  • Reweaving holes and tears
  • Patching up
  • Reweaving fringe tassels
  • Stain removal (red wine, coffee, oil, etc).
  • Removal of mold and mildew growth
  • Removal of pet urine stains
  • Treatments for water damage

Here at New Jersey Carpet Cleaning, we are experts in a range of techniques, all designed to restore your rug to its original condition.

We can match weaves, dyes and designs, make fringes, patch up holes and, in general, extend your the life of your rug for years to come.

Extend The Life Of Your Rug

We pay attention to detail, and aim to leave every customer satisfied. Whatever your rug's origin, you can expect a quality service from our team. So whether your own piece is Oriental, silk, Iranian, Berber, wool, Turkish, Chinese or synthetic, leave it in our capable hands. We will not disappoint you.

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