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Rugs are often very precious to their owners. Some are handed down from generation to generation, and worth as much, sentimentally, as financially.

Others are loved because their owners spent a lot of time and effort choosing them, looking at them as a significant investment in a home, as something that adds a "finishing touch" to their room.

Expert Care

But while many companies claim to be experts in rug cleaning everyone seems to know at least one nightmare story about a rug ruined either. through inexperience or plain lack of care. How can you avoid that kind of mistake?

Here at New Jersey Carpet Cleaning, if you bring us your rug for cleaning you can expect a comprehensive service, from the moment it arrives at our factory to the moment we return it to you.

First, we will inspect the rug, to decide exactly what treatment will be best for it. Every rug is different, but most will require a thorough vacuum, so as to remove dust particles from the fibers.

After this, we will clean your rug with the method we feel is most appropriate. (We are happy to use natural, biodegradable 'green' products, upon request). Once cleaned, we will extract all excess moisture, using heat and dehumidifying techniques.

Thorough Inspection

Finally, every rug is inspected thoroughly by one of our well-trained staff before we return it to you.

Here at New Jersey Carpet Cleaning, we offer a free pick-up and delivery service throughout the entire state. So call us today, to discuss your specific requirements with us.

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