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Fire & Water Damage

24/7 Expert Emegency Care

Fire and water damage are frightening events and also a health hazard. If you are the victim of a fire or flood you will need your home or property cleaned quickly and efficiently, which can be complicated. This is why you should call Carpet Cleaning New Jersey.

Around The Clock Service

We offer a 24/7 service, not just for fire damage and flooding but also for unpleasant and dangerous sewage back-ups. We aim to minimize the damage to your home as fast as possible, giving you peace of mind in a difficult time.

Fires burn at a heat strong enough to melt metal and cause many accidental deaths in the home. There is also a risk of you suffering serious burns or smoke inhalation after a fire. But as well as the human cost, there is also the problem of smoke damage, which leaves behind unpleasant odors and discolors paintwork.

We are experienced in treating homes after fires, and experts in carpet cleaning and removing smoke odours from sofas and chairs.

Fast Care Is Important

After any kind of flooding, your carpets need to be treated quickly. This will increase the likelihood of them being able to be saved. Using a professional service like ourselves to do this work makes good sense, because we know what kind of problems are likely to occur. For instance, if mold and mildew are left to grow in your carpets, they will be very hard to remove. They may also cause you allergies and skin irritations.

Using professionals, rather than trying to do the job yourself, will also save you a lot of trouble. We use heavy-duty machinery to pump water from your home quickly and dehumidify your furniture, leaving your home drier, quicker.

Carpet Cleaning New Jersey employs expert technicians, who can evaluate damage to your home and advise you on what kind of restoration or repair will best suit your needs.

We are on hand around the clock, ready to help you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

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